Streaming Any Video File From Mac to Apple TV via AirPlay Without Jailbreak it.

  • Using AirFlick
  • AirFlick needs VLC installed
  • AirFlick also needs mediastreamsegmenter component that is not exists in Lion.
  • Find mediastreamsegmenter in Snow Leopard /usr/bin/ and places it the same place. (Super Admin Required)
  • Finally we almost there but non-Apple TV codec is also need something to transcode its.
  • Yes, we need Air Video Server do that. Download, Setup and relaunch AirFlick to refresh video list.

Irony: Air Video Server can work without mediastreamsegmenter but AirFlick request it if we want to streaming non-Apple TV Stuff without any transcoding.

Conclusion, We need all these.

AirFlick : AirPlay App to Streaming to Apple TV. Need VLC and mediastreamsegmenter (in case using Lion) to work together.

Air Video Server : (Normally from Mac to iPad) Transcode any video codec to Apple TV format but no external control such as navigation and subtile, only video content.

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